Hack phone, puppy linux, FreeBSD, memo

This is memo for me. hacking smart phone, puppy linux.
How to copy data on SD in a phone to the other SD in the other phone

These 2 phone are connected with USB cables to mother PC.
After mounting, i tried to copy files from a windown to the other window. But Input Output error caused and I can't do it.

I try to use linux command directly, But I get same errors.

I knew that using dd command to make back up. This way may be available to make copy data to the other SD card directly.

At first, New partitions are made in new SD card. the block size is quite same to the original source. I use fdisk and Gparted.

# dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=/dev/sdh1 bs=1024k
# watch -n 60 pkill -USR1 dd

By the second command, we can know how it is progressing by each 1 minute.

I got input output error.

Input Output error

then changed the option of the command. I'm not sure whether the following command is right.

# dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=/dev/sdh1 bs=1024k skip=7766 conv=sync,noerror

This time, The written partition can't be read. The file system was broken. it seemes mother pc could'nt access to read SD card.

I setted Stay awake option of the phone.

# dd if=/dev/sdj1 of=/dev/sdh1 bs=2048k conv=sync,noerror

i had to change the path of read SD card.

The used size of partitions are different.

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how to odex and which file system is better ?
How to DeOdex/Odex any ROM in minutes with Titanium Backup Pro

I have not noticed that TitaniumBackupPro is available to make odex rom.

[Benchmarks] File System Performance: F2FS vs EXT4

I didn't know F2FS is speedy than EXT4. I have used EXT3 mainly for my SD card. But my phone can't detect F2FS partition. So I use EXT4.

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21th Feb 2015 stable custom rom for Xperia Ray
I checked XDA rom list for Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, Mini Pro, Active now. I need not fat JB. I found the following JB roms. I'm not sure whether they are stable. First one is 4.1 and second one is 4.2. Stable KK roms have already made. I didn't know that. I want to try not fat KK. GB's custom rom got high score of benchmark. I don't have good impression for ICS. Good situation afer installed doesn't keep longer. Although I tried a few ICS custom rom. but each rom always use a little cache. I checked the performance of some of them.
  • Sprit: Dalvik:8450/ART:8276/ free memory 87.87 by Antutu benchmark
  • moPROJECT42: 1102/ free memory 271 by Quandrant Standard Edition
  • moAOKP: 1138/ free memory 409 by Quandrant Standard Edition
  • Super Jelly Bean v8: 844/ free memory 339 by Quandrant Standard Edition
  • Slim bean Ray: 1136/ free memory 408 by Quandrant Standard Edition
  • The slimbean 4.0: 1183/ free memory 391

Slim bean Ray works speedy and it has much free ram, and then, The slimbean 4.0 runs smoothly. The wifi works especially well. It has some apps I won't use them. so free memory will increase. I need to write down the link to get the newer version.

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V6Supercharger:patching service.jar
[V6U9RC13]For Your Lag(4x) Do it good, Good, GOOD, GOOD! SuperCharge Your Launchaaah!

This time, my installed rom is odex.

At first, V6Supercharger is booted then, chose 27 for to install servicejar.
Then, Phone and pc is connected USB. do along the above link.

The shell script auto patcher doesn't run. it stops with keeping show adb waiting devices.
so I do Manual way.

In linux mother PC

# cd /opt/patch/framework/
# adb pull /system/framework/ ./

This time, my installed rom is SuperleggeraV7 4.0.4. so api level is 15.

# cd ../
# cp framework/services* ./
# java -jar baksmali.jar -x -a 15 -d framework services.odex -o classout
# cd classout/com/android/server/am
# mv ActivityManagerService.smali /opt/patch/
# mv ProcessList.smali /opt/patch/
# ./ALL_ROMS_Ultimate_Jar_Power_Tools-Samali_patcher_RC9.sh
  • choose Die hard launcher
  • Test out Maximum multitasking YES
# mv ActivityManagerService.smali /opt/patch/classout/com/android/server/am
# mv ProcessList.smali /opt/patch/classout/com/android/server/am
# cd /opt/patch/
# java -Xmx512M -jar smali.jar classout -o classes.dex
# mv framework/services.jar ./
# cd ./
# zip services.jar classes.dex
# adb push services.jar /sdcard/
# adb shell
# cd /sdcard
# dexopt-wrapper services.jar services.odex $BOOTCLASSPATH
# ls -l services.odex
# busybox dd if=/system/framework/services.odex of=/sdcard/services.odex bs=1 count=20 skip=52 seek=52 conv=notrunc
# ls -l services.odex
# exit

# adb remount
# adb shell

# cd /system/framework/
# cp /sdcard/services.odex ./
# chown 0.0 services.odex
# chmod 644 services.odex

Then return to V6SuperCharger 27.
Manual Yes. it looks for services.jar on sdcard, then the shell script says install services.jar ?
then answer No. and exit. choose 34 in driver console.
But the service.jar includes classes.dex. I deleted the included classes.dex.

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Install SuperleggeraV7

[ROM&KERNEL](RAY ICS) Arcatarc's SuperleggeraV6 L&U_Bootloader

At first, SuperleggeraV6 has been to installed.
The way is different to install custom rom ordinally.
We need backup and install from zip to install this SuperleggeraV6 rom.
After rebooting, go in to CWM recovery, then install update.zip as an update. Ofcourse the update.zip is for SupperleggeraV7.
The update.zip makes a directory "SuperleggeraV6 patch" on sdcard. for Xperia Ray, only Odexer is installed.

How to mount memory ? I have to search it.

Many mods are prepared for SuperleggeraV7.

  • Bravia
  • cybershot
  • AOKP
  • Servicepack

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